|Opinion| Chesapeake, Va.

Interdisciplinary students and their unique degree combinations have the potential to set the stage for new areas of research and study.

Interdisciplinary can be defined as the harmonious efforts of multiple disciplines. Students select more than one area of study to create a single degree.

As a degree students work in a variety of fields. The goal is for those in this program is to demonstrate how multiple areas of study in one degree can be useful for one’s career and the greater scholarly community.

My chosen fields of study were those of psychology, communications and American…

|Hampton Roads, Va.|

Despite the pandemic, organizations throughout the Hampton Roads are providing an array of safe holiday activities to bring some cheer to this difficult season.

Holidays throughout the year have been cancelled or modified to keep people safe and at home. The hope for a normal winter season to close out this difficult year is lost as COVID-19 cases rise. However, Christmas will not be cancelled.

Cities in the Hampton Roads such as Norfolk and Virginia Beach are known for tourism, attractions and events. …

|Opinion| Lynchburg, Va.|

With drastic changes in culture and the media, the relevance, role and value of local journalism is tested in society.

Local journalism focuses on stories within a specific targeted community. Journalists in this field have the opportunity to create personal relationships with the local population. There are also a number of challenges with this field.

There is debate on the role of local journalism and its relevance in society. Technology has made world news instantly accessible. World issues and national politics are readily available from large media organizations.

National news organizations have large-impact stories and a wider…

|Opinion | Lynchburg, VA

Despite changes in the digital era, the role of local community news remains a vital resource for journalists and the communities which they serve.

Local journalism and reporting has changed drastically over the last few years. The digital era has ushered in new challenges and a new form of communication which the media must adapt to. Technology has changed interactions as well as tools for the community and journalists.

The Pew Research Center provided a study of the impacts of technology as well as the needs of local communities. Technology itself has changed how we get…

Despite the given role of media to stand as a source of knowledge there remains an underlying battle for organizations to secure and maintain trust from the public.

Media takes on many different forms within society. Media can take the shape of printed stories, broadcast pieces or various internet platforms. Regardless of the way it is produced within the media the purpose of distributing information for public knowledge remains the same.

Reporting in media involves a unique relationship of both viewer and journalist. The journalist works to seek out stories to provide information and interest to their public audience. …

Local journalism has been a staple for society for many years. It can even be considered a vital aspect of communication, a hub of information and a support system for communities. Despite their inherent value, local media groups still suffer by lack of funding in the United States.

The position and job of local journalism is similar throughout the world. Reading several articles this week enforced the belief in me of the importance in local communities. The articles revealed a lot that I found incredibly surprising about funding for this vital part of culture.

There are several articles which address…

Micah Ann R. Malone

BS Interdisciplinary Studies in Communications, Psychology, and ASL from Liberty University. Local freelance writer. Small business owner.

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