Local journalism has been a staple for society for many years. It can even be considered a vital aspect of communication, a hub of information and a support system for communities. Despite their inherent value, local media groups still suffer by lack of funding in the United States.

The position and job of local journalism is similar throughout the world. Reading several articles this week enforced the belief in me of the importance in local communities. The articles revealed a lot that I found incredibly surprising about funding for this vital part of culture.

There are several articles which address this alarming gap. I found these discussions to be incredibly informing. I didn’t realize how the support for the field was declining.

Funding for local journalism varies throughout governments systems. The United States is far behind spending as little as $2.25 per capita each year on local media. Compare this figure to countries such as Norway which spends 60 times as much just around $137 per capita a year.

These numbers struck a chord with me. My first thought was that the United States would be ahead in their funding for media. Yet we are far behind other countries.

New Jersey’s initiative to dedicate $5 million into local journalism was very inspiring. In my own opinion government spending should be watched very carefully. I do believe this is an overall good move for the state.

One report for the New York Times addressed both the need and the steady decline of journalists in the profession. If the numbers continue to drop many local communities could suffer. As demonstrated there is a strong link between the suffering of a community that loses journalists.

Report for America’s dedication to supporting individual journalists and media made me realize the heart behind the media. The drive to cover every beat and every corner of the community shouldn’t be overlooked. A lack of beats being covered means the community misses out on information.

Information doesn’t need to be headline-worthy news. Local media and journalists focus on presenting facts and anything the public could or should be informed of. Lack of coverage causes information to be lost.

Reading these articles and the opinions of others made me realize the boldness and importance of funding. It also showed me that the government doesn’t need to be the only ones supporting local media. If local media supports the community perhaps the community should support local media.

Journalism is order in media. Journalists strive for fact and public awareness. The steady decline of local media means professional, non-biased and credible reporting is lost to the masses.

BS Interdisciplinary Studies in Communications, Psychology, and ASL from Liberty University. Local freelance writer. Small business owner.